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Article: Dieter Rams' Enduring Influence at Royal RepubliQ


Dieter Rams' Enduring Influence at Royal RepubliQ

At Royal RepubliQ, the design philosophy of Dieter Rams resonates deeply with our approach to creating products. His celebrated mantra, “less, but better,” guides our commitment to simplicity and functionality, shaping how we conceive and craft our offerings.

Discovering Dieter Rams

A titan in industrial design, Dieter Rams is renowned for his transformative work with brands like Braun and Vitsoe. His principles of good design—focusing on usefulness, aesthetics, and unobtrusiveness—inspire our designs not just in theory but in practice, as we strive to blend form with function in every product we create.

Dieter Rams' 606 Universal Shelving System at the Royal RepubliQ Store in Amsterdam.

The Influence of Rams’ Principles

We hold Rams' ten principles for good design in high regard. These guidelines remind us to stay true to our mission of delivering products that are not only practical but also pleasing to the eye. They help us ensure that every Royal RepubliQ item embodies durability and elegance.


Learning from Rams' Iconic Designs

Rams' works, such as the 606 Universal Shelving System, Braun SK4 Record Player, and Braun T3 Pocket Radio, are benchmarks of design excellence that continue to inspire our product lines. These pieces exemplify how design can be both innovative and accessible, characteristics we aspire to in our own creations.



Ram's 606 shelving system in the Royal RepubliQ Store Amsterdam

Reflecting on Rams' Impact

Dieter Rams' approach to design has a significant but thoughtful influence on our work at Royal RepubliQ. His philosophy encourages us to pursue elegance through simplicity, helping us craft products that enhance the lives of our customers while standing the test of time.


Image 1: The 606 Universal Shelving System
Image 2: Braun T3 Pocket Radio
Image 3: Braun SK4 Record Player 

For those looking to delve deeper into Dieter Rams' design philosophy, the documentary *Rams* by Gary Hustwit offers an intimate exploration of his life and work. It’s a compelling showcase of how timeless design principles are applicable across various industries.

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