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Article: Do one thing of this list everyday, and become happier than ever

Do one thing of this list everyday, and become happier than ever

Do one thing of this list everyday, and become happier than ever

Cliché, but true: happiness absolutely comes from within. We tend to think that external gratification fixes this void inside of us. Sure, buying new things, giving gifts, getting that job, people looking up to you, or helping someone out can give you that boost of serotonin, but it only lasts for a short period. It's almost like an addiction, needing it again and again. And let’s not forget the social media trap. Being constantly reminded by other people's posts that they might be living a slightly better life than we are - can make you less appreciative of what we have in the present moment. These days, the search for happiness never stops.

It’s a trap! Don’t let yourself walk into it.

But what if real happiness is already somewhere inside you? And the only thing it needs is a healthy dose of TLC - without it being compared to other people's lives. Have you ever thought of things that make YOU happy? Without the need to mention it to other people or to put it on social media. Personally, for me it can be something simple as writing little poems, taking a bath, or doodling.



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Write down fifty things that genuinely make you happy. Whether it is drawing, or playing an instrument, maybe you’re into mathematics, who knows! Write everything down you can come up with. Big things, small things, but only things that make you smile.

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Try and do at least one thing on your list every day. Do it for yourself and no one else.

Stick to it for a month and give yourself the love and time you absolutely deserve.

We’d love it if you shared with us. Below you’ll find a comment section where you can drop your personal thoughts.

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