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Article: 5x Neutrals that stand out

5x Neutrals that stand out

5x Neutrals that stand out

neutral does not mean basic

Neutrals are often considered basic and if you want your outfit to pop, you have to wear a bright color, right? Nah, we disagree. Neutrals are way more than typical plain Jane colors and when styled correctly, they can actually make you stand out from the crowd. They are far beyond what we would consider basic and should definitely have a solid spot in your wardrobe. We give you five of our favorites, and matching styling ideas:

01 Let’s start a riot

The devil is in the details and the Royal Republiq ‘RIOT’ leather ankle boots show exactly how their military-inspired silhouette and chunky soles make them an immediate eye-catcher. Wear them with a nice (Bermuda shorts) suit in the same color tone - and everyone on the streets will be turning their heads. We promise!

02 Neutrals in Charge

The name of the ‘CHARGE’ sneaker pretty much sums it all up. This is not a shoe that is afraid to take the lead in your outfit. It has this effortless athleisure look, a chunky sole, and an overall boss-babe vibe. Wear them with wide suit pants, a simple top or sweater, and the same tone overcoat. The secret, as we see here, is to use different materials in the same color tone. Also, use one statement piece to provide a sense of contrast. It is simple, yes, but it sure does not look like it!

03 Three Is A Charm

If you don’t have a baguette-style bag in your wardrobe yet, here is your reminder you absolutely need one. Our ‘CHARM BAGUETTE’ bag is so versatile and can be worn with literally almost anything! Wear it with an edgy outfit to give it just a bit more sophistication, or wear it with something fancy to give it a bit more of an edge.

04 Only for the Elite

We’ve all had them while growing up. Backpacks we’re the way of showing off you freshly made it into high school. Now that we’re a tat older, but still always on the go, we created something that's practical, without compromising our ELITE sense of style.

In a neutral color, of course. Wear the ‘ELITE’ backpack with a fun leather neutral skirt, a matching jacket, and a pair of chunky boots.

And if you can throw in a bicycle, we’re sure you’d be the coolest chick in town.

05 At a place called Vertigo

When seasons change, we all know there is one thing coming: warmer weather. This means we can finally wear our flowy dresses and match them with the prettiest sandals. Oh, and you must remember that catchy U2 song singing about being in a place called Vertigo. Well, this strappy Vertigo Sandel brings you just that sensation, but without the dizziness. Opt for a Beautiful maxi-dress and reveal just a tiny bit of your sandals. It’s a winner!

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