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Article: A love letter to the Rijksmuseum Garden

A love letter to the Rijksmuseum Garden

A love letter to the Rijksmuseum Garden

Every month we write a love letter. Whether it is a new exhibition we enjoyed, a person we look up to or a new dish we’re crazy in love with. Leaving notes is important, it is a simple way to show our love for the things we find important in life.

Find a letter from our editor Iris below.

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Dear Rijksmuseum,
Time after time I fall in love with your garden.
A romantic oasis in the middle of our busy city.
Where people redeem their laptops for a book
play life-size chess and forget about time.
Some even take a drawing course underneath the beautiful
old wingnut tree.
There is no sound of traffic,
Yet we hear the pure bliss of children playing in the fountain.
Vegetables are grown locally, and a dozen flowers and plants,
surround exciting art exhibitions.

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My heart skipped a beat when I read that the beautiful sculptures of Modernist Barbara Hepworth now accompany my favorite city retreat. Hepworth was one of the most important sculptors of the 20th century. She was one of the few internationally successful female artists of her generation and justly grants herself an emancipating role by explicitly calling herself sculptor instead of sculptress. That fact alone, makes me feel like Hepworth would be someone I’d like to have a glass of wine with (if she’d still be alive). What I also find intriguing is that she drew her main inspiration from the human form and landscapes. If you look at her sculptures in the garden, they feel at one with the surroundings as their shape is so natural, that it seems like they were already there in the first place. Hepworth sculptures create awareness that we are part of a greater whole of the universe. Thank you for choosing her to be part of your magical garden, Rijksmuseum, it is sure giving her work the dignity it deserves (and vice versa).




“I think every person looking at a sculpture should use [their] own body. You can’t look at a sculpture if you’re going to stand stiff as a ramrod and stare at it. With a sculpture you must walk around it [or] bend towards it...” Barbara Hepworth


Sold out

Sold out

Sold out

Barbara hepworth at rijksmuseum garden till October 23rd, free entrance

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