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We're very pleased to share that we're official members of The Leather Working Group.
The Leather Working Group (LWG) is an international organisation comprised of stakeholders across the whole leather supply chain, working to promote environmental best practice within leather manufacturing and related industries.
LWG aims to improve the environmental impact of the leather industry by assessing and certifying leather manufacturers. Additionally, we aim to engage with members of the leather supply chain and give them the knowledge to be able to make informed, sustainable choices in their businesses.
1. To improve the environmental impact of leather manufacturing. 2. To promote sustainable, responsible business practices.
3. To create industry alignment on environmental topics. It is the group’s objective to work transparently and collaboratively, involving Leather Manufacturers, Brands, Retailers, and suppliers, with input from leading centres of excellence within the leather industry, including NGO bodies, academic institutions, and other stakeholder organisations.