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The Choices We Make


A Royal RepubliQ Story

Return to the 'place of choice'  before deciding. In a time where we are confronted by a myriad of choices every second of the day - it becomes increasingly difficult to stay ahead.

Choices lead to decisions, decisions that are not always made consciously. And before you realise you find yourself in a place you are not sure you really want or need to be. Take a step back and reflect. What are your personal beliefs? What is it that you value most? It is called the 'place of choice'. Where nothing is impossible you can be anything or anyone you want to be and do anything you want to do. Where you go from there? You decide. 

Choices are part of our daily life

"Every second decisions are made based on an array of choices that are often subconscious, many decisions are intuitive and based on our core values"

Values and beliefs that are deeply rooted in our being, some rooted by nature other by nurture. All these seemingly small decisions lead to bigger ones and determine the path you take. Take a moment to reflect and trace your path, are you still headed towards your destination of choice? You see; everything is connected.

Our individual choices shape our personalities, more than decisions they show us who we are. Stemming from our values and beliefs. The Choices Campaign is about reaffirming how we are and where we want to be, reminding us that we have a choice, there is always a choice. The Choices campaign will be brought to life with online and real-life activations, offering perspectives, questioning beliefs, perhaps even challenging your values.

The Royal RepubliQ AW 2021 campaign, as a whole, is a suggestion, a little seed that may take root to check in with our internal compasses. Proposing that we use some of the time this past period has given us for introspection.